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Shipping costs are free for orders with an amount equal to or greater than € 300.00 including VAT in Italy and equal to or greater than € 500.00 for other countries.

For orders of less than € 300.00 including VAT (for Italy) and € 500.00 (for other countries) the shipping costs will be calculated based on the shipping address.

Standard shipping service with express courier.
Order processing time: 1 to 7 working days.
Estimated delivery time for Italy and European Union countries: 24/48 hours.
Estimated delivery time for countries outside the European Union: 7 working days.

The buyer is responsible for any additional costs due to the payment of taxes, duties and sales taxes for countries outside the European Union.
These are to be paid directly to the carrier in order to clear the order.

The delivery of the goods is foreseen in the following countries with the following rates:

Italy€ 8.90
Austria€ 15.00
Belgium€ 15.00
Bulgaria€ 15.00
Croatia€ 15.00
Estonia€ 15.00
Finland€ 15.00
France€ 15.00
Germany€ 15.00
Greece€ 15.00
Ireland€ 15.00
Lithuania€ 15.00
Netherlands€ 15.00
Poland€ 15.00
Portugal€ 15.00
UK€ 15.00
Czech Republic€ 15.00
Romania€ 15.00
Slovakia€ 15.00
Slovenia€ 15.00
Spain€ 15.00
Sweden€ 15.00
Hungary€ 15.00
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